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The firm’s Government and Public Finance team has earned a deep level of trust among clients by helping them better anticipate and respond to evolving economic and regulatory climates and various government agency policy changes while also working to help company and governmental entities with their wide-range of public finance needs.

We work diligently with clients to conceive and draft legislation,  and advise on state and local economic development and redevelopment initiatives. In Islamabad, we focus on federal relations, lobbying, regulatory, political action committee formation, and administrative matters. We are also appreciated for representing government agencies around the country — advising on procurement, municipal utilities, annexation, government reorganization, labor and employment, student discipline and eminent domain.

In addition, Yousuf Adil serves as bond counsel for underwriters, issuers, borrowers, credit providers, trustees and investors in a range of government financings. We also assist cities, towns, townships, school corporations, special taxing districts, private enterprises, nonprofit organizations and government officials in both traditional and highly complex financings. This experience includes financing for construction and equipping of public buildings, correctional facilities, police and fire stations, public and private schools, libraries, sewage and water works, highways, roads, streets and bridges, airports, manufacturing and solid waste disposal facilities, housing and retirement communities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.