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Audit extends beyond just numbers; it checks the assurances by management about their performance and financial soundness and helps to assure a strong basis for the ability to meet the organization’s objectives. Our experienced Audit & Assurance professionals are committed to providing excellent service and ensuring that the objectives of stakeholders from an audit are accomplished to the highest degree of satisfaction.

Every organization is unique and requires a customized audit approach. Our professionals work with clients to deeply understand their businesses and the industry environments they operate in, based on which we develop an audit plan that addresses the key risks and areas of the audit. While delivering Audit services, we use state of an art engagement management system, which comprises an innovative collaboration tool that provides a streamlined approach to managing and conducting audits. Our audit also provides management with deep insights and recommendations for structuring a more reliable sustainable financial reporting process.

We provide a wide range of Audit & Assurance services to Public Listed Companies, Government Entities, Conglomerates, Institutions, and Multinational Companies for a number of industry segments, the principal ones being banks and financial services sector, insurance, oil and gas, power and utilities, life sciences, technology, consumer products, chemicals, automotive, media, cement and construction, transportation, health and hospitals, textile and garments, engineering and telecommunications industries. 

  • The principal services we provide are:

  • Audit & Review of financial statements
  • Special Audit & Assurance engagements
  • Agreed upon procedures to validate financial and non-financial data and information
  • Compilation engagement
  • Sustainability assurances
  • Review of internal controls and processes
  • Special certifications including certification for security offerings
  • Assurances services relating to NGO’s project
  • Accounting advice or assistance on complex accounting matters, due diligence, mergers, acquisitions, and purchase price allocations.

Audit & Assurance Expert