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Muhammad Yousuf Adil



Muhammad Yousuf Adil has more than 40 years of experience in providing assurance and tax services to varied range of industrial and financial institutions in private and public sector plus 10 years of independent consultancy services in the field of accounting, taxation and advisory.

He has been involved in due diligence, mergers & acquisition, takeovers and listing of prominent banking/financial institutions, oil & gas companies, government entities, manufacturing and trading  entities and other corporate institutions.

He is known as a thorough professional and because of his reputation he enjoys congenial relationship with different regulators in Government of Pakistan.

He is an expert in the field of public issue of shares and taxation. He has handled highest number of public issues and mergers among the professional accountants in Pakistan and has been tax advisor of scores of major clients/groups.

He achieved distinction as a textile industry expert of rare quality and has been instrumental for establishment of number of textile industries in Pakistan.

As management consultant has carried out the assignments of financial and economic feasibility studies, viability studies, project financing, development and implementation of accounting and internal control systems, preparation of accounting and procedure manuals.

He has been instrumental in helping clients to excel to become major business houses in Pakistan. Prominent groups among these are Sapphire Group, Gulistan Group, Ibrahim Group, Nishat Group,Sitara Group, Arshad Group, etc.